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[100 strangers project] Strangers #4 and #5

Stranger #4

The ever-smiling nurse from Italy

I was entering our home-stay after a blissful walk along the Pangong lake when a loud and cheerful voice greeted me saying she knew who I was and that she was happy to meet me! I was taken aback. I’d neither seen this smiling stranger before, nor was I a world-famous personality! Perplexed as I was, I greeted her back and tried not to sound thoroughly surprised and asked her how she knew me. For a while she kept me waiting and then she revealed that it was VJ who had met her earlier and told her about me! She knew that I was a doctor. And for the next couple of hours we chatted endlessly. She told me of the health-care system back at her place in Italy and that she was a nurse in a psychiatric care unit. It’s indeed a challenging job!
She was traveling across India with her husband.
What surprised me even more was the facts she revealed about her husband. He was an avid cyclist and had cycled across north India extensively. He was actually cycling from Manali to Leh right then and was expected to join her soon!
The following morning we bid adieu to her and the beautiful Pangong!

Franca from Italy.

Meet Franca, the cheerful and bold nurse from Italy.

Stranger #5

The horseman from Beas nala

It was our first pit stop en route Manali to Leh. We got out of our cab and were mesmerised by the beautiful landscape around us. Beas (Read as Byas) nala is the place before Rohtang pass where the river Beas flows in the form of a stream and forms a gorge. We were busy having a yummy bread omlette by the river when this man approached us with a hesitant but innocent smile and a horse bridle in his hand. He asked us if we wanted a horse ride around the place. I’m generally not an animal friendly person and wasn’t keen on the ride. He lingered around us for sometime and I started making a conversation with him.
He was born and raised in the same place(Beas nala) and has never stepped out of it all his life! I was astonished to realize that some people end up never leaving their home all their life and grow up to being more and more comfortable and losing the sense of exploration. But again it’s the circumstances which dictate these things most often. And of course, people are different. During the conversation I realised that he was a contented and simple man who earns his living by offering joyful horse-rides to tourists in Beas nala.

Life here is simple and quiet….but very tough!
Kabal Ram

Meet Kabal Ram whom we met during that epic journey of Manali-Leh!

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97 thoughts to “[100 strangers project] Strangers #4 and #5”

  1. I loved the idea of this project Gayathri! With your upcoming trip, I am sure you’d discover some amazing things in people, photography, blogging and travel. Good luck and keep the great stuff coming!!

    And big congrats for getting freshly pressed!!

  2. Hi Gayathri!
    I’m desperately hooked on the idea of travel… I don’t think there’s anywhere I wouldn’t visit and experience given the chance, so I just wanted to say how your brilliant blogs give a real taste and how much I love reading them! Thank you:D

    1. Hi!
      Thanks for visiting my blog 🙂 Travel is addictive I know. And it’s wonderfully addicitve 🙂 I’m glad you liked my blog. It’s a humble attempt to share my thoughts. I thought your blog was amazing too. Great initiative- the Chennai charity challenge 🙂

    1. Hi!
      Thanks for visiting my blog 🙂 and thanks a ton for reblogging it!
      Cold shower challenge-now, that’s something very exciting and tough I guess! Good luck with it:)

      1. Haha thanks! I’ve been thinking a lot about your challenge lately. Mostly wondering how best to initiate such meetings haha. And all the while looking quite forward to it! Thanks for inspiration 😀

  3. There is something about Italy that makes you feel like home even though the language barrier persists. My recent trip to Genoa, a port city in the North of Italy, has opened my vision towards Italians in general of being warm, loud and welcoming. What more could an Indian ask for 🙂 ?
    And of course, born and brought up in a small hill station like Shillong, in the North East of India, I know many people like Kabal Ram who have not stepped out of their town and some have not yet seen a train in their lives. Times are changing though.
    I throughly enjoyed the concept of 100 strangers. Very well written. Shall look forward to this space for more.

    1. Hi Gunjeet!
      Thanks for visiting my blog 🙂 It feels wonderful to see experienced bloggers like you visit my blog. Well, I’ve never been to Italy but would love to go there sometime.
      Thanks for liking the concept. For me it’s more or less the people who make my travels memorable!

  4. I absolutely love “strangers project”! I think the people are what really make fantastic trips and I think you are hitting it on the nail with discussing your newly made friends for life! This is awesome! Keep ’em coming!

  5. I love the comment about how surprising it is that people can live their whole life without ever leaving their comfort zone becoming comfortable with loosing their sense of adventure.

    1. Hi Killian,
      Thanks for visiting my blog 🙂 Yeah, I was surprised to meet such people too. But looking at there contented life I felt it’s not entirely necessary to be adventurous in life. But again, each of us are different! 🙂

    1. Hi Annie,
      Thanks for visiting my blog 🙂 It was a pleasant surprise, a totally unexpected one too, to be featured on Freshly Pressed. Thanks for liking the idea too. I hope to do better 🙂

    1. Hey Adam!
      Welcome to my blog:) I just checked out your blog and I’m simply amazed! You have been doing a great job by writing about all the wonderful people you meet on a daily basis. High five!
      Good luck to both of us 🙂

    1. Hi Digvijay!
      Thanks for visiting my blog 🙂 and for the kind words. Of course, you can start a similar project and show the world that it’s made of beautiful people. Just do it! 🙂

    1. Hi Monia
      Welcome to my blog! I totally agree with you. It’s the people whom we remember the most after coming back from a place. We see the place through them. And I intend to document the wonderful people whom I’ve met and would meet in my future travels 🙂

    1. Hi Denise!
      Thanks for visiting my blog 🙂 Your blog seems to be very inspiring and full of life! Yeah, most of us just exist but forget to live. Good luck for trying to remind people to live. We all need it!

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