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Photo of the week #2 Kandovan

On the last day of our trip in Iran we happened to visit a unique village called Kandovan near Tabriz in the East Azerbaijan Province.

It is a remarkable example of man-made cliff dwellings which are still inhabited. These are carved out of volcanic rocks and cliffs. It is a small village with a population of around 600 people.


We spent half a day there, wandering through the steep, narrow paths between the houses, talking to the locals. We were lucky to get into one of the homes – it was that of a local business man who offered to walk us through the village and he could also speak a bit of English!

Kandovan is very similar to the Turkish region of Cappadocia. If you are in Iran and are not planning to travel to Turkey next, Kandovan can be a good alternative to Cappadocia.

4 thoughts to “Photo of the week #2 Kandovan”

  1. Very nice picture. It shows even though we are geographically separated we have a common thread connecting us. This looks similar to the cliff dwellings found in North America to China.
    Gayathri can i have your email id?
    I need to share something.

  2. very nice to learn about this place. Are you people writing about your travel now, or do you plan to come back and do so. I would love to hear about the places you are seeing.

    1. Hi thanks a lot Sudhir. We are definitely going to write about our travels in detail. Depending upon internet connectivity we’ll try and do it during the trip. We are couchsurfing and it’s not always possible to find internet 🙂
      Follow our facebook page for more frequent updates 🙂

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