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Photo of the week #5 Vitosha mountains

vitosha final

No, this is not a random wallpaper we downloaded from the internet. Our host in Sofia (София, in Cyrillic alphabet), capital of Bulgaria was very kind to take us to the mountain ranges called Vitosha on the outskirts of the city.
We stopped in a village called Kladnitsa and hiked all the way to a restaurant/hotel called Selimitsa hut and had delicious breakfast. It was deep fried bread with eggs and flour with some piping hot herb tea from the mountains.
The Vitosha mountain has the oldest Nature Park on the Balkan peninsula. It offers breathtaking sceneries, crystal clear air, unique culture sites and attractive eco trails to explore.

4 thoughts to “Photo of the week #5 Vitosha mountains”

  1. Beautiful :O And I see you’re in Krakow now… Try to see if you can make it to Auschwitz!

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