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Photo of the week #7 Auschwitz


This photo is something everyone of us have to remember. We should remember it so that it never ever happens again!

Auschwitz – Birkenau is the most depressing place we have ever visited.  It is the biggest network of Nazi concentration and extermination camps near Krakow, Poland where millions of people, mainly Jews, were murdered during the Holocaust in the Second World War. Most of us know about Holocaust from our books and through watching documentaries, but no matter how much you learn about it, nothing prepares you for what you’ll feel when you’re there. We were simply moved to tears.

The above photograph shows battered suitcases sitting in a pile in a room at Auschwitz. The cases, most inscribed with each owner’s name, were taken from prisoners upon their arrival at the camps. All luggage was stolen from the prisoners of Auschwitz, along with everything else they owned. The suitcase in the center with the star of David probably belonged to a pharmacist (apotheke in German means pharmacy).

We think it’s important for people to see Auschwitz so that it never ever happens again. People should never be allowed to forget what the Nazis did, and we should never forget the 1,100,00 souls who had their lives taken away from them.

More on Auschwitz in an exclusive post very soon.

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