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Photo of the week #13 Luang Prabang


Luang Prabang is the former capital of Laos and a UNESCO World Heritage city. Set at the confluence of two rivers(Mekong and Nam Khan) that almost surround the town, and beneath a temple-topped hill, Luang Prabang is a wonderful patchwork of traditional Lao wooden houses and hints of European architecture; reminders of when Laos was part of the French colony of Indochine.

It is one of those small cities with atmospheric personalities and is perhaps the most charming city in the whole of South East Asia.

This picture taken from across the street near a temple depicts the most famous ‘Alms giving ceremony’ where the monks at dawn (6.00 AM) collect alms of rice from kneeling villagers and tourists. It is advised to strongly consider only watching this old tradition from a distance instead of using it as a tourist attraction, as this may detract from the beauty of the ritual – both for locals and tourists alike.

3 thoughts to “Photo of the week #13 Luang Prabang”

    1. Hi Rajiv!
      Yeah it’s a sight to behold! And it truly deserves the respect of the tourists. But there are still people who’s main intention is to get some good photographs and end up putting the monks in awkward situations.

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