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Photo of the week #14 Preah Khan, Angkor



Angkor is one of the most important archaeological sites in South-East Asia and the world’s largest religious monument.

The structures one sees at Angkor today, more than 100 stone temples in all, are the surviving remains of a grand religious, social and administrative metropolis whose other buildings – palaces, public buildings, and houses – were built of wood and have long since decayed and disappeared.

Most of the photographs depict the popular temples – Angkor Wat, Bayon and Ta Phrom. The above photograph, taken in Preah Khan, one of the less popular temples which is left unrestored shows numerous rumbling stones surrounded by dense forest which is the actual picture in most of the temples in Angkor. Just a depiction of nature over powering and covering the grand history of the past.



8 thoughts to “Photo of the week #14 Preah Khan, Angkor”

  1. Would love to see more photographs, and please do share with us the challenges you faced in your adventures.

  2. Hi Gayatri, so nice to read about you both in ET Travel. Soooooo happy to hear about your
    mission. I am also from Karnataka. We as family love to travel. I relate more to your ” Interesting Stranger” incident. Very nice, keep it up guys. All the best and safe travel.

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