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Stranger #23 The happy man

‘My father used to tell me this – the more the number of creases at the corner of your eyes(crow feet) the happier you are! Because when you smile your skin is thrown into folds near your eyes! I’m almost always happy and smiling. I have a loving family. Maybe that’s why :)’

Meet this ever smiling and cheerful man from Batman, Turkey. He works as a manager in a public school and is one truly happy soul we have met!


One thought to “Stranger #23 The happy man”

  1. hello you both i wish merry christmas and happy new year i hope your journey is going safe
    and happily, as i told some month back that i will also make a trip.
    so i did it alone from bangalore to Dehera Dun which around 2800 km from
    bangalore, it my longest journey in my cycle i did not had much money for travelling
    but i made it this trip very happily.
    well i will also plan to make long trip as you people are doing
    now. did you guys found any difficulties in your journey?
    may god bless you and have a safe journey.
    take care.

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