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About Us

Hi! Thanks for stopping by!

We are Gayathri and Vijay – a fun-loving couple from Bangalore, India.
We are travel enthusiasts, waiting to fall in love with the world and inspire people to travel more.

G3 VJ @ Mont St Michel

We want this blog to be the place where we share all our travel stories, adventures and travel tips with our readers, from wherever in the world we are.

Both of us have taken a long break from our respective jobs (Gayathri, a doctor and Vijay, a techie). We are about to start on a long backpacking trip across the Middle East, Eastern Europe and South East Asia for a few months!

β€œMan cannot discover new oceans unless he has the courage to lose sight of the shore.”
― AndrΓ© Gide

The name “away from shor” is inspired by above quote. Shor in Hindi also means noise, and we want our blog to take us all away from the noise around us and help us discover that inner peace within us through travel, adventure and a cup of coffee πŸ™‚

Sounds exciting? Curious to know how it all pans out? Don’t worry, we shall keep you updated along the way!

Gayathri Says:

Not travelling for a couple of weeks straight makes my feet itch. I guess I have the itchy feet! Travel, for me, is a means of personal development. It helps me know myself better.

A trip to Ladakh in 2013 changed me completely into a travel addict.

imageI like meeting new people and interacting with them. Travelling helps me do it the best possible way.

I also love to cycle. I love the freedom of being on a bike. Sometimes all it takes is a simple bike ride to elevate my mood πŸ™‚
I’m also a shutterbug. Though still a beginner fumbling with the buttons on my camera, I aspire to capture those moments in time which touch me.

I’m from Bellary, a small town in Karnataka. After tying the knot with Vijay and moving to Bangalore, I decided to take a long break from work. And that’s one of the best decisions I’ve taken so far ! The last few months have made me realise a lot of things about myself and my passions. They have also given me an opportunity to do things I love, most important being travel.

My greatest regrets are not being able to sing, dance and play a musical instrument. None, for the lack of trying though πŸ™‚

And yeah, I forgot to mention that I’m a doctor by profession. We live in a world where we are defined almost entirely by our profession and I beg to differ from that.

Vijay Says:

I come from Andhra Pradesh, India. I have been part of the usual grind that all of us(true for most of middle class Indians) go through in our early years – study hard to get an admission into a good university, get a nice job, work hard, get married etc., and now I’ve gotten comfortable. Addicted is probably the right word and I want to break free from it for some time. I am very happy that I have Gayathri who shares the same views as me on this.

Very few things in life deserve the seriousness that we give them. I am fun-loving and easy-going. I live life in the present and have a really bad memory – helps if you want to live in the moment πŸ™‚Vijay Leh

I am a voracious reader – I always keep a tab on a variety of topics including current affairs, latest technology trends, travel destinations etc., and never miss browsing my twitter, quora feed! NEVER. I am also a movie buff, foodie and a techie. Running is a meditative experience for me. I was into long distance running and have finished a few full marathons until now.

Also, I would like to believe that all the Greek alphabet I have been exposed to because of my masters degree in Maths will help me read signboards in Greece at least! πŸ™‚

I have been fortunate to have lived in/traveled to several countries via work or otherwise and that is when the world around me began to expand. I realized how tiny a place we occupy and how little we know about the same world we live in.

Indians tend to be conservative when it comes to decisions like traveling for a longer duration without a set plan. I believe life begins outside your comfort zone. New opportunities will open when you are outside your comfort zone and I am doing just about that very soon.

85 thoughts to “About Us”

        1. Hey way to go girl will miss u guys a lot tough but have a fabulous journey and keep writing waiting to hear every single experience of yours stay safe take care loads of love from all of us stay connected

          1. Hey Sukanya!
            We’ll miss you guys a lot too! Yeah, we’ll keep you posted whenever possible. We know your good wishes are always with us πŸ™‚

  1. Hmmmmm.. wow! welcome to blogger world… about me was very much interesting.. One thing i would suggest while you blog is.. “Keep writing” contentiously and alot!

    Waiting for more!

    1. Hi Pavan,
      I remember you as a naughty little kid in all the family weddings πŸ™‚ And now I see a young man who is full of energy and zeal. From what I’ve seen I think you love traveling too. Three cheers for us!
      Keep the spirit alive!

  2. You have become a creditor of the best vacations of your life; live them as much as you can, let the sun and sand take you to a place where work stress is left back. Have a great time and be sporty.

  3. You are pretty awesome as are your stories I look forward to reading the ones you have shared thus far and in the future… What and adventure thank you for sharing some of your journey and some smiles with us. .;.) Joe

      1. Hi , it should be a gook idea; I am afraid it seems so far ! What advice whould you give me to enjoy my trip and to be able to be close to people, too ?
        I have a friend from skri Lanka; Her name is Shevanthie and she lives in London.
        Thanks a lot and au revoir !

    1. Hi Anshu!
      Thanks for visiting my blog πŸ™‚ You have a very interesting one as well! I guess I’ll start stalking it after a year πŸ˜‰ All the best. Keep blogging!

  4. Dear Mrs.Gayathri, accidentally I came across this. I recollected that little girl in wardlaw PU college,Bellary. I lost track of yourself after you joined medicine. I am happy you are continuing your hobby of writing. I have not forgotten that whenever you participated in any essay writing completions you wre getting 1 st place and winning prizes to college.your style of writing ,narration is good. Keep it up. Try more writing .God Bless you. Hari KUMAR.KH, rRetd.Principal

    1. Hello Sir!
      It’s so over whelming to see a great teacher like you visit my humble blog! I remember you as a constant source of encouragement and support in the college due to which I was able to reach greater heights. You were an inspiring teacher for all of us – not only for chemistry but for some important lessons in life! You are such a great yet simple person πŸ™‚ I feel lucky to have teachers and well-wishers like you. I’ll surely try to do better. Thank you so much, sir. πŸ™‚

  5. Hi there, my friend has a travel blog in Bangalore : Tel 09 731 717 090 he is on whats app. I am Colleen from South africa, if you ever want to visit, just come. I live in the Midlands. I am on facebook also….Colleen van Heerden or Midlands houseof Healing

    1. Hey Jyothi!
      Of course you are always with us! Kalangis are always together where ever we are, right? πŸ˜‰

  6. hello Gayathri and Vijay. i wish you all the best for the lovely travel.
    its one of my dream as well and i am from the same place Bellary
    staying in Agadi marepa compound,:-) please do update me on the travel. i
    did get connected to you in twitter but not sure if its the correct
    one. cheers

    1. Hi Som!
      Thanks a lot for the kind words Feels so good to see someone from Bellary! High-five!
      We’ll surely keep you posted on our travels. Good luck to you too.

  7. Hi Gayathri and Vijay,
    I’m waiting to see you in Tehran πŸ™‚
    I’ll follow your blog. Thank you for sharing your experiences with us.

  8. Wow, i read about you guys in The Hindu. very inspiring.. My husband and me are extremely interested in travel and we keep contemplating to take it to the next level. The article about you was highly inspirational.. Now seriously we will also think of plans.. I too document my travel stories in my blog..

  9. Dear G3 and Vj
    Life is like a long travel and travel is as same as Cooking…i believe this….the cook good and make delicious foods,enjoy your travel,live long and benefit…
    Pejman from Tehran

  10. Great day, Gayathri and Vijay,

    Just read up in The Hindu about your amazing journey, and I could not resist typing your URL into my Chrome browser and find out more.

    You guys are living a dream by treading a path very few would choose, but I am sure it was wired into your psyche even without your knowing about it, simmering, and then the eureka moment when you made the decision.

    Good to go,

  11. hi gaya3 (as u r fondly called).. πŸ™‚ read ur article in hindu and loved it.. hope i could be one like like u some day coz i too m a travel buff.. but now just racing with time.. ll surely use this site as a guide one day.. good luck for ur 100 strangers project.. looking forward to ur shares of experience here.. take care..

    1. Hello Manju sΔ±r!

      Welcome to our blog πŸ™‚ Thanks for the kΔ±nd words. Yeah, we are travel buffs and have taken thΔ±s bold step to lΔ±ve our dream πŸ™‚ You should travel too. It changes your lΔ±fe for better πŸ™‚

      SΔ±gnΔ±ng off from Turkey!

      Bye πŸ™‚

  12. Hi,
    I am a fellow traveller with a keen interest in travel photography and passionate about treks. I was thrilled the first time i saw your blog a few weeks back. The reason is that I am a Medical Student from UCMS, New Delhi, currently in final year. I had developed this idea over the period of 3 years that it will be very difficult, if not impossible for me to pursue my passion for travelling the world. But Gayathri mam, you’ve inspired me to do it anyhow. I am travelling to the States as a start and plan to record and share all of my ventures and experiences there. I have started a blog (Its premature, as i have just started; but its always heartening to share something with people having similar interests as they always encourage)
    Good Luck!

    1. Hi Parth!
      Thank you so much for the lovely message! I’m glad you find our idea inspiring. That’s like a part of our mission accomplished πŸ™‚
      I know we doctors are over worked and spend half of our life studying to add those degrees after our name! Of course I enjoyed my medical course too. But a part of me was dying to travel the world and experience the idea of long-term travel. And we planned for it, kept the idea alive, saved up some money and took off! We are now enjoying every moment of it πŸ™‚ I’m so glad this is happening.
      I can totally understand what you are feeling. I wish you good luck for your forthcoming trip to the US. I’ll follow your blog and see what you are upto πŸ™‚


  13. gayatri.. i wish i could join u guys in ur next such venture.. if at all u leave anything for next..!!
    u are very lucky u got such a great companion.. for ur whole life.
    god bless the couple.. brave couple.. very brave..

    1. Hi Sandeep sir!
      Sure you could join us in our future travels. And believe me, there is so much to see! Six months are just not enough πŸ™‚ And yeah, I’m very lucky for having Vijay as my life partner!

  14. I happen to see an article in ET Travel today on you guys and then I went through your website and read about both of you. I quite liked the way you guys are living your life, you guys have broken the shackles of modern living and went ahead to live your passion. Hats Off to both of you. I am a Financial Industry professional based out of New Delhi and I also share the passion of travelling but somehow the demand of my profession doesnt allow me to break free as you guys did.
    But I am sure that one day I will live my passion.

    1. Hi Rajesh

      Thanks much for those kind words. Yeah it needs lot of persistence and determination to break the convention to follow our dreams. And once you take that step there is no looking back! And you will come back as a better person πŸ™‚
      Go for it!

  15. Hi
    Gaythri and Vijay, I am from Mumbai and just read about your in ET Travel .Great decision to go on a backpack tour. like you i have too left my job (May 2014 ) and will start travelling in near future. please keep us posted . Guys like you are an inspiration.Good luck…… travel safe….and will be following your journey

    1. Hi Bipin. Thanks a ton πŸ™‚
      Nice to hear from you. All the best for your travel. If you need any help or advice please do not hesitate to write to us. You can get in touch with us via contact us page.

  16. Hey guys, this is just awesome! Your blog reminds me that there’s always time to explore, travel and find yourself irrespective of what phase one is in! This also reminds me of a quote “sometimes you have to lose yourself to find yourself”!!!

    I have always been interested in travel but somehow it takes a back seat! Guess its time to reshuffle priorities! πŸ™‚

    Looking forward to more posts!

    1. Absolutely Sudersan. Yes, there is always time for things you like πŸ™‚ long term travel has been a life changing experience for us and would definitely recommend it to anyone.

  17. Hi Gayatri and vijay. You have inspired us a lot .you have proved it is possible. We have collected all world travel literature but no courage to start. Both of you have simply ignited us. We in mumbai can render any help you may require. Thanks.

  18. Dear Sir & Madam,

    I am watching you programme right now in Janashree TV channel. It is really nice to know that you have gone for a long trip to 25 countries. Kudos to both of you. I am also basically from Bangalore but now settled in Hyderabad, for the sake of my son who is working in Google India Pvt Ltd. I am a retired Syndicate Bank Officer who took VRS last year. My request to you both is that why don’t you form a club, so that many of us who are interested like to join.

    1. Hello Venkatesh sir,
      Thanks so much for watching the show and writing to us. Nice to know that we share a common interest of traveling. We have a lot of ideas gathered from around the world and will be implementing them very soon. πŸ™‚ Thanks for your valuable suggestion.

  19. I saw yr programme on Janashree TV today & enjoyed it to the hilt.We have undertaken some 40 package tours. An easy going traveler unlike you,who come under adventure travelers.We have seen some 18 foreign countries so far & almost entire India.
    You have done this TV programme within 2 days of yr return from journey. No fatigue,nothing. Hats off to you. I will be in constant touch with you.Give yr FB address.
    M.Mukund Joshi.
    Mob 9880399690.

  20. You had been to Krakow,Poland.We had been there too, as also Auschwitz,The Jewish concentration camp.My son lives there.After completion of our 18 day Europe ( western ) tour,we went to Poland,independently & stayed there for 8 days.A beautiful country indeed.I am 70 & still traveling.When you write yr experience in a book, once go through a book written byMrs Nemichand titled ” Peruvina Pavithra Kaniveyalli ” who travelled independently to that country with one lady companion who was almost an unwilling co-traveler.They saw the Inka civilisation on Andies Hills.
    I regard my tour to Egypt as the best so far & most memorable.
    Keep it up.
    M.Mukund Joshi.
    Mob 9880399690

    1. Hello Mukund sir,

      It is indeed our pleasure to have an avid traveler like you visiting our blog. We will surely read the book you have suggested and derive inspiration. πŸ™‚ Egypt is high on our list now. We’ll take your advice before we go there! πŸ™‚
      Thanks for visiting our blog.

  21. Wow. .fantastic gayatri and vijay.
    thank u 4sharing those moments with us.u got a wonderful experience for lifetime.
    I appreciate both of u for having such a beautiful hobby.
    2day I hv seen u in a tv program.
    Good 2 know about ur world travel v can say it a great achievement.
    All the bèst.

  22. Sir?madam, Big Congrats for the adventurous trip,Let many more such events repeat in Ur life,
    Please let me know the mode of travel U both chose ,for such a low cost,this particular point did not get a clarity while watching the programme.
    Hope many would be inquisitive to know like me,Hope to have the response.
    Thanking U
    with warm wishes.

    1. Hello Ravi!
      Thanks so much for watching the show and writing to us. Well, we used public transportation in every place we traveled to, crossed countries by buses and trains which was more fun compared to flights and definitely way cheaper. πŸ™‚

  23. Gayathri/Vijay- You are an INSPIRATION!
    Thanks to the HINDU for featuring you without which I would not have known about you.
    I’m sure a lot of us want to be in your shoes, to travel and see the world but could not do so for various reasons.
    Your adventure just made me look back at my ( and husband) passion to travel !

  24. Hey Gayatri.. Loved the 100 strangers project and your story is very warm and unique. I agree with what you say that travel only changes ‘us’ the rest of our world sees us for just what we are to them and in a way that is important. Keep in touch. Anju.

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