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Stranger #23 The happy man

‘My father used to tell me this – the more the number of creases at the corner of your eyes(crow feet) the happier you are! Because when you smile your skin is thrown into folds near your eyes! I’m almost always happy and smiling. I have a loving family. Maybe that’s why :)’

Meet this ever smiling and cheerful man from Batman, Turkey. He works as a manager in a public school and is one truly happy soul we have met!


Stranger #14 The gentleman who loves music and tea

‘I love Kurdish music. There is nothing like it! I never miss Kurdish concerts and sometimes I organize them myself!’

Saying this he opened his laptop and went on showing us his collection and played some nice music.

‘What are your other interests?’

‘I’m interested in Kurdish culture. As you can see all I talk about is related to our Kurdish culture 🙂

‘Yeah, I have always wanted to have my own tea garden and I built this one on my own! It fills me with happiness to see people flocking into it and having fun over tea!’

‘Do you like to travel? Please visit us in India.’

‘Thanks. But mostly I won’t. I’m happy here and I don’t think I’ll ever go anywhere else!’

Meet Fatin, our dear friend and host in Van, Turkey. He is the proud owner of a beautiful tea garden in town.