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Travel map

You can find all the places we have been to in our trip so far below! 🙂

    24 thoughts to “Travel map”

    1. Wow! It must be like living a dream! Happy for you guys! (though I dunno you!)…

      How easy is it to get VISA to all these countries?! May be I should start packing my bags! 🙂

      1. Hi, Indian passport is a not a very friendly passport when you are travelling. Spontaneous travel is very difficult. Having said that, travelling in SE Asia is a breeze. Lot of countries have visa on arrivals. I suggest you start with them 🙂

    2. Am planning for a trip to singapore and malaysia. Can you suggest a plan. Stay, site seeing, food

      1. Let me know what your interests are. How long are you planning and what budget you are looking at. I think we can take this discussion over email. Please write to us via contact us page.

    3. Great Blog…Smitten totally by the 100 strangers..Have had such experiences…and your blog has given me the inspiration to document those instances…

      Have a great time traveling…Hopefully we meet some time, some where, as the nth stranger…


      1. Hi Pradeep
        Thanks much! Yeah meeting people has been a highlight of my travels always. It adds a new dimension. If you like the idea you should start your own project too 🙂
        Hope to meet you someday.

    4. Dear Vijay & Gayathri, I read few of your blogs and felt good. I too like travel – but short travels (max. 1 week). I so far visited northern europe – sweden, finland, denmark, france, etc.

      I still admire the bold steps taken by you (leaving the job for a while and touring ).

      best of luck !

      1. Hello Ganesan
        Thanks for visiting our blog. Nice you know that you’ve traveled quite a lot. The Scandinavian countries are something we want to explore too.
        Do visit our blog often and give us your valuable feedback 🙂

    5. Hi Gayathri and Vijay

      Really nice adventures and website detailing your journey. My cousin Sukanya travelled with you to Cambodia and she has lot of good stuff to say about your adventure….good luck with rest of your travel

    6. Hi Vijay & Gayathri, at least once in a day I visit your Facebook page or your website… It’s amazing step taken by you guys… Good that u both have common interest and are passionate about traveling…I feel very enthusiastic when i narrate your trips and adventures, to my office colleagues or friends or wife… I pray that I should also get this type of chance once in my lifetime… Keep it up and stay update on the future trips… Truly inspirational…

    7. Hi Madam,

      I’m happy to find you with same passion of travelling. I have been dreaming of travelling and planning. I’m planning to travel Thailand next month please let me know the best things to do there. And also could you please let me know expenditure details etc for 6 months travelling.


      1. Hi Radha!
        Thanks for writing to us. We are writing a post on our six months travel expenditure and will share it with everyone very soon. Regarding Thailand can you please drop a mail to us about the number of days, budget and your interests? Thanks 🙂

    8. Hi to young and amazing couple ..saw your program on tv.very much thrilled. actually inspired by you and planning to make travel a hobby, keeping lifestyle simple and spending on travel.please suggest some good travel spots for week ends around blore to start with.
      thanks a lot for your blog

      1. Hi Veeresh Thanks so much for finding our idea inspiring. We will surely come up with a post on weekend getaways around Bangalore. Why don’t you go to Hesaraghatta and Nrityagram for cycling this weekend? 😉

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